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How it works

All we need in order to help you is information. A good description of your issue, and the circumstances surrounding. The description doesn't need to be fair or polite, but the more honest you can be the more you will benefit from our response.

    Below you should find at least one option that makes it easy for you to proceed:
  • You choose how much to pay: if this is your first time using our service, then you may simply choose to pay whatever you feel it is worth. You send us a description of the problem (which usually also requires a description of the key elements surrounding the problem), and we come back with advice. You tell us what you think is a fair price to pay for that advice, and we send you an invoice by email for that amount.
  • Online chat: we can arrange this through Skype or iChat, or even Gmail. You should first send us a description of and background to the issues to be addressed, so we don't have to cover that under the chat time. Chats need to be booked in advance, and cost $30 per hour or part thereof.
  • Ask for a quote: Email us the brief details of your issue or problem, and ask us how much we would charge to reasonably advise you or appraise the situation. You can decide then whether or not you want to proceed.

We say what we think. We are polite but honest, and have no interest in hype or flattery; we believe we can help you to feel better without it.

All information you provide is kept in the strictest confidentiality, and we will never pass on your private information to any third party.

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