Maria Lagos

Maria Lagos

Director Producer
Writer Facilitator

Maria is the daughter of an artist and a scientist, born in the middle of a South American dictatorship. Thus the search for change and freedom started early. She began her theatre career in Sweden and while performing in a large scale musical at a State Theatre she felt that she needed to explore the magic of theatre and character building and left to London to taste further creative powers.

She found an unusual mix of Acting and Science, and after 4 years of rigorous character and consciousness studies worked in England and Scotland as an actress, and extensively as a director and workshop leader.

As it was, she was just scratching the surface. To give artists and herself the opportunity of experiencing an open, creative and inspirational environment where new work could be developed and tested, she co-founded Sweet Venues, a British Production, Artists and Events Management Company.

As a director of Sweet Venues, Maria's main activity has been, and still remains as a visionary and advisor, to program and look after the artists, mainly in the creative and inspirational field.

Sweet prides itself on its open nature and cutting edge approach. It has gone to explore fields not only in theatre by representing 100s of acts a year and running performance venues but has also worked as a platform for bridging art and technology. Sweet was a pioneer in web streaming theatre shows and festival news on the net (back in the early days of such technology), and produced a notably well programmed film festival for shorts, features and panel discussions on the subject. Sweet Venues won an award for its latest creative space, where a wide range of artists tried out new work in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Maria is in the process of writing a book based on her experiences with her deaf born son, covering stories from the encounter with a silent world, to the introduction of sound after a cochlear implant. It examines the wish for understanding and being understood in a world that labels more often than explores its possibilities.

Maria's new creative website called Extraordinary Worlds will be live in winter of 2010, together with a range of artists and writers she is challenging literature, music and art online. Based on her story The Extraordinary world of Mi and Zu, the website tells tales across dimensions of time and space through film, text and music.