spiral Galaxy tintern abbey


Here you can download some stuff about other projects we're involved in. Or see some of Ian's amazing photos.

Here's a great site where you can read some of Maria's stories, set in a world co-created with other artists: extraordinaryworlds.com Or visit the blog that is related to the site, where you can upload your own stories, about the world, the park, or others: extraordinaryworlds.wordpress.com

Fancy a dip into the world of schooling and education? Read a paper Jim co-wrote with others while studying Pedagogy at Gothenburg University: Democratic Schooling as an Antidote to Traditional Swedish Education (Part 1) or Sudbury-modellens praktiska demokrati som ett motgift till traditionell svensk tvångsutbildning in Swedish. Here you can visit a Jim's blog, with related commentaries, videos and articles from around the world: sudburysverige.blogspot.com

And here you can look at a presentation of Ian's photos - he wrote the titles himself (if you're using a Mac, the transition time between slides is delayed). Enjoy!