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What we offer

The process of living is a dynamic, multi-faceted interaction with others, with concepts, with events and with one's self. It is the rare person who does not at some time feel like they have gone off track, and seek their way back to something better.
We provide an online service whereby you can receive help, advice, inspiration, a solution to a particular problem, or just a fresh way to look at things.
All of our consultations are personal. You won't receive a stock answer that coins the catchphrases of the time. We start from the information you provide, and depending on the type of solution you're looking for, we will give you a unique and considered appraisal. The appraisal will contain a summary of our understanding of your circumstances, together with a range of suggestions that you might adopt in order to get you to a better feeling place in your life.
Our aim is to shed some light on your personal situation with the benefit of our objective position, and the knowledge we have acquired through years of analysis and experience as teachers and advisors; to nourish your inborn sense of worth (which is all-too-easy to forget), and to inspire you to reach for something better.

    We can help you if you feel:
  • Persistent lack of clarity on a certain subject
  • Trapped by issues or events from the past
  • Discomfort in relationships - professional, personal, familial, marital or sexual
  • The sense of meaning in your life is minimal
  • A need to increase motivation
  • You need help to facilitate forgiveness

Sex Therapy - an area of particular interest and relevance Sex is a very important part of most people's lives - yet we rarely talk about it; at least, not in ways that are beneficial. It is said that we think a sexual thought once every 3-5 seconds on average - whatever the figure, the desire to express and fulfill ourselves sexually is a central part of life on earth, and when we experience dissatisfaction in that area the quality of life in general is negatively affected.
We have had many years experience talking through personal, often emotionally painful sexual issues with people, and are pleased now to be able to offer this service via the internet.
For some the thought of meeting a stranger in person and talking one on one about these things can be very daunting - in that sense the internet can be a welcome alternative. You are free to say whatever you want, without fear of judgement or the awkwardness of physical proximity.
Our aim is to offer alternative ways of thinking about problems you may be experiencing with your sex life, your sexuality, or your past sexual experiences. We strive to enable you to include a healthy, open approach to sexual activity in your present, daily life. To be free from fear, shame or guilt, and able to celebrate sex and the associated physical, mental and emotional benefits free-flowing sexual energy provides.
In summary, we expand the view; and help you to see it from a perspective that feels a whole lot better.

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